Introducing the World’s First Chemically Altered Diet Pill


(C-A-R-T) and Inhibit NEUROPEPTIDE-Y (NPY)!

Through years of study and breakthroughs in modern science we’ve discovered the keys to long term weight loss success*. Making Fenphedra an ultimate weight loss product, And you can only find the compound inside of FENPHEDRA’S weight loss solution.

The reason why you are overweight is because there is a YIN-YANG battle going on deep within your brain inside the satiety center of your hypothalamus. The battle is CART vs. NPY… or Good vs. Evil.

CART is the “Good Guy”… and if you’re trying to lose weight it’s your Guardian Angel! The C stands for cocaine and the A for amphetamine because these drugs put this chemical into overdrive. When CART is stimulated it increases your metabolism, reduces your appetite, and increases insulin to deliver energy to your muscles rather than be stored as body fat.

NPY is the Villain. It’s a stress hormone that drives the eating chemicals into overdrive. When stimulated it will decrease your metabolism, cause your body temperature to drop, and increase your appetite.

FENPHEDRA was designed to stimulate CART and inhibit NPY, thus helping you win the battle of the bulge. (note: We found alternatives other than cocaine and amphetamine to activate CART)*

A Powerful Combination Of Ingredients!

GreenSelect Phytosome Green Tea

There are antioxidants within green tea that keep you from cancer or cardiovascular diseases. Many patients have been overweight or dealing with obesity has been treated with this ingredient and have seen a measurable amount of weight lost. It also helps you to maintain a healthy weight and gives you the energy that you need to keep that fat off.


Usually Chromax is used to prevent or treat any deficiency of chromium which is essential for the body to grow healthy and normally. It helps your body to digest sugar properly as well as to break down any fat and protein that your body takes in. By taking in Chromax you keep yourself from experiencing nerve problems and the inability to properly use sugar.

DiCaffeine Malate

When Coca-Cola first came out it actually contained Cocaine (true fact) and when cocaine was made illegal after World War I they scrambled to find an alterantive that would stimulate the mind and body and have similar effects. The ingredient they found was caffeine. But we don’t just use any old caffeine as our alternative to cocaine. We use an ultra potent multi-dimensional ingredient that combines all natural Caffeine with Malic Acid into an ionic bonded compound which optimizes energy, stimulates thermogenesis, and promotes mental focus. You haven’t experienced the full effects of caffeine until you’ve tried DiCaffeine Malate.

Phenylethylamine (PEA)

PEA is asubstance that’s related to our own catecholamine neurotransmitters and their amino acid precursors, tyrosine and phenylalanine. PEA has arousal properties similar to catecholamines and may be one of the pleasure substances in the brain. PEA has been called the “Love Drug”. It is extracted from chocolate and is responsible for what chocaholics call “Chocolate High”.

Humulus Lupus

Commonly known as Hop, this plant is native to Europe, western Asia, and North America and has been used to make medicine. It has been used to help those with anxiety, insomnia, restlessness, tension, ADHD, etc. Hops also helps you to control your appetite, urinate more easily, and treat indigestion. The chemicals within it have been shown to weaken the effects of estrogen.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long will this last me?

A: One box contains 69 capsules. It is recommended that you take 1 capsule at least 30 minutes before breakfast and lunch. It should then last you about a month.

Q: Is it safe?

A: There have been no adverse side effects associated with taking Fenphedra at all. However, those who are sensitive to caffeine or stimulants should not take Fenphedra. Only use take it as it is directed.

Q: Who can take Fenphedra?

A: Healthy adults who are 18 years and older are allowed to order and take Fenphedra. It is not meant for women who are pregnant or nursing. You should talk to your doctor if you are taking any prescription medication. Keep out of reach of children.

Q: Will this work for me?

A: Fenphedra is not a miracle pill so it won’t work for everyone. But the chances of it working for you is high, all you need to do is try it today! If you aren’t satisified we do have a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee.

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