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What’s The Secret To Weight Loss?

After years and years of scientific research and study, the makers of Phenphedrine have discovered the key to achieving long term weight loss success!

What Makes Phenphedrine So Powerful?

Chromax : As an advanced, specially designed chromium supplement, this ingredient effectively reduces hunger and cravings. In a clinical study of Chromax benefis, subjects consumed an average of 365 less calories per day and reported hunger levels were reduced by 24%! By optimizing insulin function, Chromax induces the feeling of fullness so you don’t need to eat as much.

DiCaffeine Malate : DiCaffeine malate is caffeine upgraded to the next level, providing all the weight loss benefits without the negative side effects. This ultra potent ingredient combines caffeine with malic acid via an ionic bound to optimize energy; this results in an increase in thermogenesis (fat breakdown), weight loss, and enhanced mentlal focus without the jitters and stomach discomfort.

Caffeine Anhydrous : Caffeine anhydrous is the pure, liquid form of natural caffeine. By including caffeine in one of it’s most potent forms, you will feel a steady increase in energy levels, improved endurance, and enhanced focus- all without the crash associated with normal caffeine. One clinical trial of 76 moderately obese individuals found that intake of caffeine anhydrous alone was able to induce a weight loss of 6 pounds in just 4 weeks!

Phenylethylamine (PEA) : PEA is a compound similar in structure to the catecholamine neurotransmitters found naturally in our bodies – and in chocolate! It has been associated with the same chemicals in the brain known to cause feelings of euphoria and pleasure. This ingredient will boost your mood and lift your spirits – because losing weight should feel good!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Does Phenphedrine have stimulants or caffeine?

A. Yes, Phenphedrine has a caffeine compound.

Q. Since this product has caffeine in it should I not take it at night?

A. It is recommended that you do not take it within 7 hours of bedtime.

Q. Is Phenphedrine safe?

A. Yes, it should not have any adverse side effects, however you should consult your doctor before use.

Q. Can I get my money back if I don’t like it?

A. Yes, Phenphedrine is backed by our 90 day money back guarantee.

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1 Bottle



$4.95 Flat-Rate Shipping

2 Bottles

+ 1 FREE Bottle of 3DD



3 Bottles

+ 3 FREE Bottles of 3DD



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